Dr. Ulrich Henn

Managing director of the German Gemmological Association, Head of The German Gemmological Training Center in Idar-Oberstein

Dr. Ulrich Henn

Ulich Henn studied Mineralogy and Gemmology at the institute for Gemstone Research of the University of Mainz, (Germany), where he also ent on to complete his PhD. He is managing director of the German Gemological Association, head of the German Gemmological Training Center and a member of the board of the German Foundation for Gemstone Research (DSEF) German Gem Lab).

Ulrich Henn is a fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (FGA) and a delegate of the International Gemmological Conference (IGC).

He was a chairman of the Federation of European Education in Gemmology (FEEG) from 2006 to 2011.

He is the author of gemmological books and various articles in international gemmological and mineralogical journals as well as trade magazines.