Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri

Dr. Gaetano CavalieriPresident of CIBJO The International Jewellery Confederation,

Topics: CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, its global role in the gemstone and jewellery industry.

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Dr. Claudio Milisenda

Dr. Claudio MilisendaManaging director of the DSEF German Gem Lab in Idar-Oberstein

Topics: Synthetics, Treatments, Emerald from Etiopia and Zambia, Mozambique Rubies

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Dr. Ulrich Henn

Dr. Ulrich HennManaging director of the German Gemmological Association, Head of The German Gemmological Training Center in Idar-Oberstein

Topics: Syntetic diamonds, production and identification, treated diamonds, treated corundums, tourmalines from Namibia

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Ms. Maggie Cambell Pedersen

Ms. Maggie Cambell PedersenCEO Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A)

Topics: Ivory, Corals and Tortoiseshell

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Ms. Hayley Henning

Ms. Hayley HenningSales and Marketing Greenland Ruby

Topics: Gemstone marketing, CSR in the gemstone and jewellery world

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Carolina Santiago

Carolina SantiagoGeologist and gemmologist, CETEM RIo De Janeiro

Topics: Geology - how gemstones are formed, pegmatite minerals

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Anette Juul-Nielsen

Anette Juul-NielsenSenior Geologist and Special Consultant at the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Labour, Government of Greenland

Topics: Gemstones of Greenland

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Erik Jens

Eric JensCEO Fintec Financing, memeber of CIBJO`s board of directors

Topic: CIBJO, The world Jewellery Confederation and its globale role in the gemstone industry

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Niels Ruddy Hansen

Niels Ruddy HansenGemmologist MGS, President of the Danish Gemmologist Society

Topic: Welcome, Plenary meeting and discussion

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